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It feels a little heart-aching to be finally ready for something you’ve needed for a while. I didn’t expect it to feel that way at all. I just thought, if you were ready for it, then you will go for it with all your heart and not look back. Right now, after years of trying to move on, and failing to, the fact that this time around, the attempt at moving on was very smooth, kind of makes me feel sick inside. Or it could be that I need sleep and less caffeine. I am not sure.

I was on a trip yesterday with a bunch of people I do not know and a friend. Mom joined as well. It was nice to be driven around for a change. I socialized. People seemed interesting and seemed interested in talking to me. With some, a common ground was non-existent. With others, it was very much the opposite. Sharing some personal interests and hobbies made the conversation flow easier. I was, just like any other day, being myself. What was different, though, was their reaction towards me. Like I was interesting and approachable. It was something I was not used to. I was enjoying my time. They were genuinely passionate people. We toured, we drank, we ate, we bonded. It all went better than I thought it would. Much better. A little unexpected even.

So, here I am. The day after. I am at work, and things are still going on the same way. People here are reacting different. It is all positive, and to a certain extent of flattery. I am a little overwhelmed. God knows this never happened before. I was never the one people get interested in. I am interesting, but that’s what me thinks about me. That’s it. It was a little secret between me and myself. But now, it feels like that secret is somehow revealed , definitely not by me. Other people seem to want to be in on that secret.

I keep thinking this will go away soon. It was all accidental. At the same time, it feels nice knowing that someone is interested in knowing me. I did not get new boobs, nor am I dressing provocatively, nor acting differently, nor putting on beautifying make up. It must be something else; Something at a deeper level. That’s how it is supposed to be, isn’t it? At least, I hope it is.

Anyway, my theory is this: that old bearded guy that sold me breakfast and a couple of souvenirs yesterday definitely put a spell on me. Yea. That’s exactly what it is.

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Here is a montage of photos I took on the trip.

It was sunny. There were cats. There was wine.

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The People Of Leicester Peak

After seeing the nice feedback from some of you on the previous Mountains of Sierra Leone photo, I decided to show you more.

From my trip to Leicester Peak in Freetown, I came back with loads of photos which I won’t show you. What I will do is show you and tell you about the few that I thought were interesting shots.

Mama, the 8-year-old Sister


This little girl was walking up the road to the peak while carrying her one-year-old sister on her back. Usually, it’s normal to see mothers carrying their babies on their backs with the help of a cloth tied around them both. All women here go out and work. If they do not have family to keep the babies with, they tend to travel with the baby, selling granat (peanuts), mangro and plum (seasonal fruits) or vegetables. And here you have this kid, carrying her sister. Ironically, her name is Mama.

The Muddy Travelers

They reach the peak on a muddy motorbike. They speak in German, as one of them throws his backpack down, under a tree. They sit on a hand-made bench overlooking the panoramic view of Freetown and Lungi. One is wearing black-framed glasses, and the other wearing muddy boots. They leave on their motorbike, and I can’t help but notice the motorbike’s license plate tied on the backpack.

The Crowded Town

From up at the peak, and using my 75-300 mm lens, I was able to zoom in to take this photo. What you see are crowded houses, zinc rooftops, different bright-colored buildings, and no streets showing. I found that the chaotic architecture of the city makes a well-textured photo.

Mountains of Sierra Leone

“The charming landscape which I saw this morning, is indubitably made up of some twenty or thirty farms. Miller owns this field, Locke that, and Manning the woodland beyond. But none of them owns the landscape.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

Mountains of Freetown, Sierra Leone. © 2013 TheMagicMug