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The Bigger Picture: “LUCY” the Movie

20140904_103951_editedYesterday, I watched “Lucy” the movie in a movie theater and it made me feel content. It was fulfilling to believe the made up story of what it would be like for humans to use 100% of their brain capacity. It all sounds quite scientific when you first hear those words. Watching how her abilities progressed from a brain capacity usage of 10% to 100% gradually, somehow and inexplicably was very intuitive and familiar. I have not thought of it in details, in order to really poke at the theory presented and whether it would be feasible even. All I know is that it made sense to me. It just made sense.

Living in a part of the world where the fate of your country is constantly unknown; where wars surround you , North, East, and South; where the kind and sane people around you are few; where your rights are tertiary to the monster’s selfishness; where your fate is ultimately 10% in your hands; it was a pleasure to get lost in a movie that so effortlessly shows you the bigger picture; why it is important to challenge ourselves to know better; why it is not useless to push the boundaries of our abilities and knowledge; why it is important to research and invent.

We will always be faced with revolutionary ideas, and even though we have grown to believe the once revolutionary ideas as truth, we have to keep our minds open to all possibilities, the possible and impossible. Let our imagination twist and twirl with the guidance of research to create its own reality. The least we can do, is give ourselves the freedom to explore our minds, thoughts, and beliefs with little restriction from fear and uncertainty.

So, from today’s Magic Mug to you all, even though we get caught up with everyday life, heartaches, life crises, and community conflicts, etc…, keep in mind that some people out there are seeing the big picture, appreciating what is, was and will be; something that might be hard to constantly meditate on but essential to be reminded about.



The Magic Mug >Milk and Coffee

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He sipped the coffee of the day. It was mostly milk with a hint of coffee. The black powder that, for years, had him refreshed even by the smell of it, is now bad for his stomach. He missed its taste, so he added some to his hot milk. He was working on something urgent for tomorrow’s exam. The coffee got cold, but he still drank it anyway. The Magic Mug had not worked it’s magic since he had Jasmine Tea. He did not give it any thought since then. He just drank and went on with his day.

But today, it threw something at him, yet again; something he did not expect.

The quarrel started when his father took a stance against him. He was just trying to help and they (father and co.) had a negative reaction to what he was doing. He was trying to do something nice for them, and they reacted with sarcasm. It was sad. He wished they had told him they did not want what he proposed rather than go with the flow and being relieved when the plan doesn’t fall through. That translates into how much they did not appreciate him. What if they were kidding? That did not cross his mind. He waves off his hand to them and walks away. The uproar starts. He disrespected them with his attitude. Normally, he would walk away and sit with his anger until he finds the best distraction, becomes passive about everything, and forces his feelings and impulses to die down consciously. However, he knows unconsciously, they are there, and growing in magnitude.

But the Magic Mug does not allow you normal days. Normal was long gone when he first sipped his coffee today. This time around, he walked away, but half way out, he turns back. Standing up for himself, he confronts them about everything. The arguments go back and forth. Voices are louder than normal. Feelings are flowing out more than normal. It was all more than normal. In the end, this is why he is here. This is why he stayed around. This is why the voices in his head say ‘run’, which makes it even harder to stay and deal. The quarrel started and ended with the sole purpose of being a quarrel. They don’t quarrel as much as they should. Quarreling seems to be the only time they could share their feelings and their anxiousness. It would be nice to share them in a calmer way, but sharing them is better than not at all. At least that’s what he felt. After it all ended, he teared for a little while, thanks to the biology of the body. Otherwise, he tried to stop the tears from falling.

Then he felt a sudden happiness.

A happiness that only reveals itself after you have unlocked something in you, something that you have been keeping in a  locked box in the depth of the deepest ocean. After all, no matter how much black coffee you put with your milk, if you have enough of it, the milk that is, you are bound to have a whiter drink than expected.