His Stories

Here you will find the posts written about him. He is the character that usually drinks from the Magic Mug and whose day gets narrated here.  If you like what you read, click on the title of the post to continue. (sorted by newest > oldest)

The Sunset Model : “His hair was wet, and drops of sweat were dripping down is chin. He had just finished…”

Out of his Hands : “It is 3 am at night, and the first alarm just went off 30 minutes ago. He had set up…”

A Poem on the Go : ” He stands out on his bedroom balcony, And stares at the sky and sea, both seeming blue and free…”

Invincible: “He is not fearless but sometimes it feels like he is invincible. And that feeling scares him. His brother once told him…”

Milk and Coffee: “He sipped the coffee of the day. It was mostly milk with a hint of coffee. The black powder that…”

A Peachy Feeling: “He smiled as soon as he sat down. He had been pacing around the hallway and the small rooms…”

Jasmine: “As he drank the hot Jasmine Green Tea on a new and sluggish morning, he wondered what the Magic Mug he is drinking from is holding for him today…”


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