Taking It Further

Hello everyone. I’ve disappeared for a while from this blog, but during this time, blog posts were being written in my head.

I’d like to talk about my photography journey, that does not seem to have any identity yet. My creative side appeared when I started a new life after running away from a war torn country in Africa. I started drawing portraits. Then it evolved to different media and different subjects. But when painting became too work-like as opposed to freedom since I had no studio of my own where I can let things be as I leave them. I would not have to clean out the mess I made and put things back where they belong in order to make space for myself again. Then, I bought a camera, and discovered the freedom it allowed me. I was able to save meaningful as well as meaningless moments of my life. Little did I know that there is no such thing as a meaningless photo. Eventually, time always gives meaning to older photos. It’s almost like documenting the time you lived in, the people around you, and their habits. That became a passion and I was soon to disappear from all photos because I was taking them. After taking some videos to accompany my photos, and discovering that I can edit them into something whole, it was then that I craved taking videos and documenting life. I know nothing about the techniques in film-making. My passion towards videos is more rooted in documenting rather than making scenarios up to tell a story with a plot that is preconceived.

Software for editing was hard for me to find, and therefore I always stuck to what my trusted laptop had to offer. That included Windows Movie Maker, PowerDirector (limited edition), and a couple of other free downloads that lead to a dead end. I recently discovered a free video-editing software called Lightworks, and tried it out. The video below was my first sample. I randomly chose videos I had taken in the last two years and edited almost a one minute video. Nothing fancy. I could see the potential. It’s beautiful!

I have no direction with this. I have and take photos and videos of my travels, live bands, concerts, culture, my family events, and sometimes nature. If you have any suggestions as to what would one do with this material, please let me know in the comments. I’d truly appreciate it. Meanwhile, you can check my silly video below. Until next time!


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