Calming my being

I seemed so composed but little did I know that when I reached home , my inner being would collapse in such sadness that I would have to type with my eyes closed as tears flow down and I sob calmly. I am so sad I am losing you, but it makes it sadder that I chose to. Is this the continuation of a lesson? Is this the continuation of feeling like a George? Is this how it felt to be him when he ended it with me?

I really miss you already, and at this point in time, the reasons I broke up with you for seem like nothing compared to having you near. But I know it was decided with my mind. No matter the reasons, it is just a shame.

And once again, I sit in my room, a different person mourning the loss of yet another relationship. One that I thought meant less to me than another. Yet, it all still hurts just as bad.

I am sorry I could not make it work. I miss you tremendously, and knowing that you are one call away makes it even harder.


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