Illogical Overreaction

After having an awkward conversation with the guy interest in my life at the moment, I felt like I had a lot to say. I did not say them. I did end up writing a ‘note’ on my phone, just to vent my illogical overreaction. Here is a very honest song, as a bonus.

Tracy Chapman – For You

[audio ]

♦      ♦      ♦

Why did you have to ask me that? Why did I have to send you that simple song to listen to? Why did you have to go so far into thinking that I have fallen in love with you? You, with your sweet words, kind heart and loving hands. Why did you have to show me so much affection, inviting me in, and then letting me wait on the door because you are not ready to open it? I am not in love with you. I never said I am. You asked if I am falling, I replied with a yes, while adding that it is too early to know for sure. ‘Falling’ does not imply ‘have fallen’. I am falling but I can break my fall with anything I want. It is like Aladdin invited Jasmine on his magic carpet, but instead of showing her the world, he shows her the small paved street around the corner. I trust you. I took your hand, you promised many things, and now, you want to get off the magic carpet and walk on the paved street. You like the paved street. It is safe. What do I do now? Do I walk with you in hopes you decide to ride and see the world, or do I just turn the other way? Patience, fear, and pride are all here, dear. All are fighting to be the number one feeling. Which one will dominate? It depends on your actions, and mine. I will leave you to your magic carpet ride around the corner for now, and drink from my wonderfully reliable magic mug.


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