Out of his Hands

It is 3 am at night, and the first alarm just went off 30 minutes ago. He had set up three alarms with two-hour intervals between each one. He wanted to be a comfort for her this night. On this fourth day of this heartbreaking ordeal, he had a deep motivation to make sure she gets all the attention she needs. He might have thought of it before, but his sleep always fooled him. He never woke up until the early morning, after she had spent the night alone in the corner of the balcony.

For two days now, three times a day, he held her down as he fed her the meds the doctor prescribed. He had never done this before. She struggled with all her might, scratching and screaming to run away from the forceful way he had to feed her the bitter liquid, the same liquid that would heal her. It was the only thing that gave him the strength to do all this; all for her best interest. Or so he thought.

After a couple of days of worry and fighting to give her her meds, things seemed more bleak than ever. She is energyless; Unlike the fiestiness that she so proudly exhibited before all this started. She does not eat, nor does she even react to the smell of her favorite food. This broke his heart. It broke his heart that he almost torutred her to take her meds, while equally loving her and comforting her. He had no control over her well being at this moment. Even she had no control over it. Sometimes, she would pee herself because she would be too tired to move anywhere.

It is 3 am but time is irrelevant. It could pass faster or slower, but it cannot make her feel better. Nor can the meds, to his dissapointment. At this point, all he is relying on is loving her and caring for her, because that is what always make her and anyone for that matter, feel better, no matter the circumstance.

He slips back into his makeshift bed, the sofa of his living room which is located closer to her. In two hours, the alarm will go off again. Maybe drinking from the Magic Mug will help! Yes, that is what he will do first thing in the morning. Meanwhile, he will gather as much love and affection from the dreamworld as he can, and come back to heal her.


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