The Magic Mug > A Poem on the Go

He stands out on his bedroom balcony

And stares at the sky and sea, both seeming blue and free.

Standing up on the rail, he believes without fail,

that far far away, his life is a different tale.

He leaps onto nothing, expecting to stall;

these were the laws of physics after all.

Never did he think that risking his life for a better one,

Will leave him standing on air; neither flying nor falling

Hope comes back to his lonely heart,

Yet he  freezes in confusion.

Does he want to go back, or will this dose of faith run out?


I have been feeling like no matter what I plan to do, and as I try to do it, I stay in the same place, with the same feelings, and same accomplishments. I am stuck and the only way out of it is either I do something on a whim based on intuition, or I think of a plan to follow through with. Doing both together does not seem like an option.

I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on this, if you’d like to share. Thank you.


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