The Magic Mug >Invincible

He is not fearless but sometimes it feels like he is invincible. And that feeling scares him. His brother once told him, the moment you start feeling overconfident, that is when you should worry. The probability of things going wrong are higher because you start overlooking the important things. The little things. You loose your concentration.

And for so long, he has been so good at what he does. What if one day, everything goes wrong. He is devastated. He is scared. Would he get back to what he was doing? Would he regain that confidence? It seems very unlikely.

Imagine you are a good driver, and proud of it. What if one day, you get into an accident; a horrible accident that leaves you wounded and broken. You were afraid to die, but you didn’t. Will you be afraid to live? Eventually, you heal and your body is back to normal. Do you drive again? Maybe eventually. Will fear of another accident always hover over you ? Will you stop being invincible? After all, it was that invincible feeling, joined with your skills that made you fearless on the road. The moment you fear, you start to think. The moment you think, you leave little to intuition and experience. Doubt will cloud your mind. You will not be as good as you were.

How do you keep that feeling ? How do you cope with fear and doubt on one hand, and skill and intuition on the other? Do they work together or are they as separable as oil and water?

Too many questions about an unreal situation with no answers. He acknowledges his train of thought, and leaves it at that. The Magic Mug is empty today.


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