A Peachy Feeling

He smiled as soon as he sat down. He had been pacing around the hallway and the small rooms of his apartment. He just finished some research and created the thing that will agonize the students he pretended to teach with his little knowledge of the world. All it took are some words that asked questions that baffle and give the brain a little shock in order to start the mechanism that searches for answers. The worst answers will disappoint, as usual. Never mind that, he just heard an upbeat song and his mind threw away all thoughts and concentrated on manipulating his body. As he shakes his shoulders to the beat, he sings the melody within him. The song ends, and he paces around as if sitting would be his punishment. He takes a sip of the cold Peach flavored tea he made in the Magic Mug three hours ago when he first started his well over with research. Today is surprisingly contained, he thought. Work went smoother than usual, with a hint of relaxation, when there was nothing to relax about.


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