The Magic Mug >Jasmine


As he drank the hot Jasmine Green Tea on a new and sluggish morning, he wondered what the Magic Mug he is drinking from is holding for him today. It was already an unusually tiring  and bleak morning.  What luck and what inspiration will come his way today? As the day went by, he lurked around the house restless. Finally, he picked himself up and met up with some of his red-headed blue-coated friends with whom he hoped to make the day a little more special.  At this point, he forgot all about the mug and it’s magic. Too engrossed in his own and his friend’s conflicting happenings, he forgot to hope for anything. After all, how can you remember to hope when your hands are full with other certain worries. He went on an exciting ride with his friends later, where monsters came so close to his face that the only reaction he had was move slightly backwards as he waited for them to go away. The less you move, the better your chances of survival in the dark land. It was indeed a dark land, but what they saw was more colorful than a rainbow. Orange flowers that chimed like bells, mountains of green, and waterfall so high, they started at the heavens. They watched and soon it was all over. Returning to his life, he is shocked at the sight he sees.

He panics. His heart beats fast. He feels his blood pumping in every vein in his body. Two years ago, this same sight used to make him feel the complete opposite; relaxed and safe. All this time has passed, and this time around, he runs away. He runs away from the sight of  his once ‘Jasmine’ in hopes she does not see him. If she was ‘Jasmine’, he must have been ‘Aladdin’. He does not seem to be anymore. As he found his way back home, he realizes he is not that ‘Aladdin’ anymore, nor is she his ‘Jasmine’. Two years trying to find luck and happiness in a life he tries to live as best he could but had yet to do so. The Magic Mug throws two minutes of Jasmine at him in an unsuspected time and somehow it feels like magic. Closing his eyes to end the day, he can still hear the left-over sparkles from the magical explosion of the night; the night he ran away.

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