Meet the Mug


The Magic Mug has no magic powers. This type of mug is manufactured in hundreds if not thousands in quantity. There is nothing special about the Magic Mug except this; it’s owner believes the mug has magic powers. Everyday the mug owner opens the cupboard to choose one of the many mugs in his collection to brew today’s breakfast tea in. Almost every time he needs some inspiration or luck, he chooses the Magic Mug. He drinks his tea while browsing the news he is interested in. The day passes, and soon enough it’s the end of it; Normal as every day was and could be. The Magic Mug has no powers, but starting the day with hopes of inspiration is better than no hopes at all. The Magic Mug is the ‘spoon full of sugar’ that makes the days go by. Life can get boring and what better than to create your own fantastic morning at the start of every day with your own Magic Mug. If the mug is not magical, then surely, you are.

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